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I describe my music as something like a mix between Folk and Pop with acoustic singer songwriter influences...

Someday in Mai 2014 i wrote my first song, it´s terrible but practise makes perfect...

In oktober 2014 I uploaded my first youtube video-a cover of Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran, I deleted it shortly after but that´s how it all began...

Now I´ve been in the studio to record my original songs a couple times and I try to upload a video a week onto youtube in wich I either cover songs or speak about random things...

I want to release my first EP soon, more is yet to come...

In love - Lea G
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I will come home - Lea G
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The hardest part - Lea G
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HEY :)


I´m Lea and I´m from Austria. I´m only 15 years old and some


people might think I´m too young to follow my dreams but I think


you can never be too young for doing things you enjoy most.


I´ve been singing all my life and 5 years ago


I found out about this amazing instrument called guitar.


Since then I´ve been practising a lot and I just came to a


level where I want to share my songs/covers/thoughts with you.


Thank you for going on a journey with me-let´s see where it will


take me:)     .....and you?


Throwback to when I was 7 years old and my rabbit was still alive and I was just a happy little cupc
️My dad edited this One a bit on his computer and I have to say that I love it🙊 night loves❤️❤️
Hey guys❤️This is my eye If someone asks💞 I have problems with uploading the video 😭 so it will pr
I love this pic it happened when we went to the grass in our school garden and a friend of me came t
Hurt my ankle again... But this time the right one..
Playing guitar on the precipice🙈 I'm already so excited to share the videos with you guys!❤️ I thin
Hello lovely people ❤️ yesterday evening was amazing😍😍I got all my recorded originals and I'm so h
Back in Las Vegas tomorrow we are going to Los Angeles😍_Btw there's going to be a new cover on YouT


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I´d love to get to know you :)

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contact me per E-mail:


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